Draaiende wilgenstam (Twirling willow trunk)


Very happy to present my very first reduction woodprint, starring the old big twirling willow tree trunk at the pond in the park that I almost daily walk past. It always seems dead in winter, but then spring comes and it turns to live again. I love how the twirl shapes the colours on the trunk from very bright (in sunlight) to very dark green (where the shade falls) and I thought it would be a welcome subject to trying a multi-layered colour print for the very first time.


At 34x24 cm, it is slighty larger than A4. It was printed very rogue-ish: I just flipped the plank on the paper. I used three layers: first yellow, then green, finally blue for shadow. It's printed on 130 grams Simili Japon paper, made in Holland, in a limited edition of 10, signed and numbered.